ACTS – An Open Letter on your Birthday! :)

First of all I want you to know that I like your birthday more than you because I feel like it’s wholly dedicated to the fact of your reality. And I think that I’m one of the people who wholeheartedly appreciate it [Syempre kasama sila ‘Tin, Rhea, Bern, and your family and your ALDUB Family! Charity! LOL J]. There are a million reasons why, but lemme state few using the ACTS pattern.

ACTS – This isn’t a prayer for your birthday but a steering wheel that would make you realize the goodness inside you and the goodness you shared to the people surrounds you.

A- Big 20! Another candle would be added on your cake, another year of blessings and a year of laughter and fun, blessing of memories which you could hang on the wall of beautiful life. But for the 20 years of your existence you have already become who you’re supposed to be. Your voice can speak louder than the purity of faith [I could talk to you for hours and never get tired. Your trimming derision can make me realize some of the most important things in life], your hands are the instruments that could be used to share the blessings of happiness [Your positive attitude about life inspires me every day to be a better person], your ears are the foundation of understanding and truth [You always tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear and you can appreciate my voice not for what I say but in a deeper level], your smiles are the reasons why it’s always good to wake up every day, and your heart is the evidence of God’s goodness. You are who you are and you are who you’re supposed to be. You’re on track Aki!

C- The first time I saw you, I thought of you as someone who’s not interested in the shallowness of the world, just like another usual person living merely because that’s what norm dictates. Among the fields of diamond, stone, and gold, I thought of you as someone who would always say “I don’t care”. A not so very special guy with a brain that could die in a mere strike of “Hey there nothing” from a genius. But you brought me in the midst of “mistakes” and showed the whole true picture of you, and from there I became thankful.

T- Thanks for everything! I’ve completely opened up my life to you; everything about my painful past and my current feelings and situation is no longer a secret. You taught me so much in this life and you helped me discover so much about myself. Before you came into my life, I feel like my whole life was a living pain and I didn’t need anyone to help me understand my surroundings. Living day by day thinking what else I could do to make my life meaningful than death. But you came; you made me believe that pains from the past are fuels that could help me be a better person today. You made me realize that no matter how painful the world could be there’s always someone who could help me look for happiness. Your presence forced me to appreciate all angles in life whether straight, right, acute or obtuse. You taught me how to open the true me. You changed me from someone who never cared to share true feelings, ideas, dreams, and sorrows to someone who could appreciate even the blow of the winds. You changed my promises, my pledge and vows; you made it the “present” and taught me how to be happy from it. You helped me find true friends from blue, you helped me become me, you helped me become you, and you helped me become anyone else.

S- Never be the Jack of all trades, but be the Jack of many. Stay as a person I could count on when something’s bothering me, because I know that you could sort things out and make everything seems alright. Continue spreading smiles and happiness, but please stop frustrating me. Stop giving me frustration whenever you’re saying you’re not good enough and you’re not smart enough, you know and I know that it isn’t true because you are the best! Continue to achieve your dreams, study hard because that would make me the happiest. Never stop dreaming and never stop smiling. Your smiles could be someone’s happiness so be unapologetic and smile, smile and smile 🙂 Happy 20th Birthday Jack and I give thanks to the day I met you. Always be happy because Life should be spelled as H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S
Again Happy Birthday and Long Live the Jack of Many! 🙂


12 thoughts on “ACTS – An Open Letter on your Birthday! :)

  1. I agree with alfred. Madalas kasi kapag tumatanda kana mejo dedma na si birthday e. Palagi nalang sinasabi “sus lilipas din yan”. (Palagi kong sinasabi)

    But at the back of my mind, birthday will only become special if the important people in your life make an extra effort to make it special. And jack is so blessed that sir mond made this letter for him!❤ He must be the happiest bday celebrant today!😊

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  2. A letter full of love and gratitude sir. Now, I know why your smiles become brighter when he’s around but dull when he’s not. He’s meek and you’re loud (Perfect combination) hehehe Happy birthday Jack of many! 😄


  3. A letter full of love and gratitude sir. Now I know why your smiles become brighter when he’s around but dull when he’s not. 😁😂He’s meek and you’re loud (perfect combination) hehehe Happy birthday Jack of many! 😄


  4. Maraming salamat talaga sir, Sobrang appreciated yung ganito. Yung tipong pag malungkot ako, basahin ko lang yung mga ganitong letter sasaya na ako.. Grabe, di ko ma explain, Pero thankyou sa pagpapaalala mo lagi kung ano ako at sino ako, minsan kasi di ko narin kilala sarili ko, Thankyou sa lahat. Sobra. Wala ako masabi 🙂 And I wish maging happy karin, haha sobrang thankful talaga ako na nakilala ko kayo,

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    1. I can say I’m better now but that isn’t a promise. I think I could still cry in a slightest touch. Lol!
      But thanks for appreciating it, It was my purpose nung sinulat ‘to[to make you happy] and I hope it did and it will. Always smile Aki ’cause your smile could be a great weapon in fighting loneliness and depression sa buhay.
      I hope we made your birthday special. Belated Birthday Aki! 😇

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  5. I was thinking of finding quotes about life, to ease the loneliness that I’m feeling as of the momment. Then as I open the bottles na binigay nyo, na 7 days kong tiniis na di buksan. And lo behold.. Hahahaha I felt really blessed of being a part of your lives, Nakakatuwa yung mga nakasulat. That makes me cry a bit., pero walang luha hahaha feels lang. Kasi kahit gusto ko maluha. Wala talaga e hahahah, I don’t know how kung pank ko susuklian yang mga yan pero after reading your blogs about me. I am literally smiling right now believe or not, As you can see, my sentences where shuffled into places na hindi naman tama.. Kasi may pag grammar nazzy ka nga kasi hahaha hiya ako kunti. Pero kasi my hand got me feeling excited while typing this. Ahhhhhh, I don’t know what to say.

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    1. Ang while reading this comment I’m literally smiling lang din. Wala namang dapat suklian, kasi lahat ng naka-sulat dito ikaw talaga(minsan ayaw mo lang talaga aminin). ‘Wag ka maging sad, ’cause if your happiness is someone’s happiness, for sure your pain could be that someone’s pain din. 😊 We are always here kapag feeling mo nalulungkot ka, we’ll make you happy from yout brain to heart 😇


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