He’s a Working Student? And he Rocks!

Education is one of the most important factors in unlocking a golden door in the future, it is a way of building bridges for a better tomorrow. Education is something we should go after all the time, it is something we must seek for at all times in every way we can. Why? because the life of God that lives within us demands that we should become better tomorrow than who we are today. But nowadays getting a higher education could be expensive, university fees, lab fees, transportation and all other expenses, because money is becoming a driving force for the journey of learning. These are some of reasons why many students are quitting the academe. But just like an old proverb says “The only thing that is more expensive than education is ignorance”. There are several ways of continuing studies, ways that can be a burden today but can be fruitful someday. One of those is working alongside studies. Some students are weighting this option, struggling to decide whether or not to work while studying. Questions like “Should I become a working student?”, “Should I focus more on my classes so I could get an A+”, and so much more. Questions which should be considered to get away a demean life. But why not do both? Study hard while working hard? There may be disputes for this way of thinking, like difficulties in managing time, lack of sleep and possibilities of a longer time in the academe. While these can be good arguments not to contemplate the “Working student” option, it is still an undeniable fact that finishing a degree with the help of being a working student is something that we could be proud of, pride that would help us value education and whatever lies beyond further on. Time? It could be a struggle today, but that struggle will definitely develop a knowledge and power that you’ll be needing in the future. Time shouldn’t be a reason to quit dreaming and working for success because knowing our goal is knowing what to put on our priority list.

There are several good effects of being a working student, some of them includes extra money, learning how to spend money wisely(budgeting), knowing how to manage time and experiences(Nothing beats experiences!). It would be more beautiful to enhance skills and learn work disciplines early, which would be more beneficial after the school life. Having a job while studying is a great way to improve resume and get ahead of the competition. But above anything else, it would be a learning on how to better value “tomorrow”, because diploma will lead us to a path where we belong.

“Quit your job or quit studying, you’re using your time ineffectively!” -Nobody

Quitting shouldn’t be an option, so Hey! continue your dream yesterday, today and tomorrow, because you rock! 😁


10 thoughts on “He’s a Working Student? And he Rocks!

  1. Hi mynihilism Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures! Surely in the future if we have a one AI’s will be doing most of the tasks humans at present do! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Like to observe this crazy violent virtual reality society! Conspiracy theories that have more truth than fiction within! UFO’s! All things Paranormal! Great to meet you.#TheFoureyedPoet.

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