The Oversight Judgment

What is more beautiful? A shirt with a signature brand or a shirt stitched by a loving mother? The answer is none. Rationally speaking, we basically cannot tell whether the branded shirt can be more beautiful than the shirt stitched by a mom, and vice versa. But if we weight the intention and emotion of the person who made the shirt, it would be remarkable that the stitched shirt would be more beautiful than the branded one. But we still cannot be so sure because there could be more logical arguments behind the branded shirt.

This principle also applies to our lives, specifically the way we give opinions on how people react to certain issues or things. Most of the time, we are giving judgment based on our own principles and philosophies. We aren’t digging deep into the situation and concluding our judgment with the little knowledge we have. Examples: We are making judgment about a boss who gave us tons of work to finish, a friend who ignored us while walking at the park, or a girl wearing a micro-mini skirt while in front of a church. But if we are to be judged by other people, we would say that we are just having a bad day or we are just trying to kill a day full of problems. We would create barricade that would justify the reasons of our actions.

Just like an old quotation, “Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter”. We would never know what is right and what is wrong based on how we understand things; we might have had enough experiences about life, but that doesn’t mean that we already know the whole story of every person surrounds us. We shouldn’t easily give judgment because everyone has untold stories which cannot be understood by anyone. It is reasonable to be curious because learning will always root from curiosity, but the world would be more beautiful if everyone knows how to encourage and not to be judgmental. We should always remember that judging a person will only define who we are.


7 thoughts on “The Oversight Judgment

  1. I love this. I was in the bank earlier and the tellers were gossiping about someone they clearly believed themselves to be above and the main one says, “I had a tough childhood too but you don’t see me acting that way.” And I smiled because I silently stood in support of this girl they were gossiping about… even though I will never know who she is.

    An individuals actions and reactions depend on a conglomerate of every thing they have ever experienced. No two are programmed exactly the same.

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  2. I agree, we should learn restrain, before judgment, however that it’s easier said than done, according to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type four letter code, J means that our Judging Function (either Thinking or Feeling) is turned to the outside world and P means that our Perceiving Function (either Sensing or Intuition) is oriented to the outside world.

    In plain English, at least half of us are prone to bitch about anything!

    And unless we all suddenly become Saints and keep our mouths shut, it will remain an ideal to look forward to accomplish within ourselves.

    Constructive criticism it’s also necessary, otherwise we wouldn’t have a reference point to change for the better, despite not liking to be reminded of our handicaps.

    Now, I am not saying we shouldn’t all strive to be non judgmental, I am all for it, just saying that because we live in a world of perceived duality, there’s two sides to everything. 🙂

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